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With over 10 years of experience installing and repairing all types of residential and commercial fencing, our team has the expertise to handle any fencing project.

We are the premier fencing contractor, having installed hundreds of wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link fences for both homeowners and business owners.

Our attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service have earned us a reputation as the top-rated fencing company.

Whether you need a new privacy fence installed around your backyard or secure perimeter fencing for your commercial property, Fence Billings MT has got you covered.

We provide comprehensive services, handling everything from permitting to post hole digging and material hauling. Our team works efficiently to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

At Fence Billings MT, we use only the highest-quality fencing materials from trusted brands like CertainTeed, AAA Vinyl and Ameristar.

We also offer industry-leading warranties, providing further peace of mind. Our experienced project managers will walk you through the process from start to finish, addressing any questions or concerns along the way.

For superior craftsmanship from the top fencing contractor, call us today at +1 (406) 506-4018 for your free estimate!

Our Residential Fencing Services in Rehberg Ranch (59117)

Fence Installation

Whether you need a fence for privacy, security or purely aesthetic reasons, the professional fence installation crews have the skills to build you a beautiful, functional fence.

We handle the entire process from layout and permitting to digging post holes and erecting your pickets or rails. Our precise attention to detail results in long-lasting fences that enhance your property.

Fence Repair

Has your existing wood or vinyl fence been damaged due to extreme weather, falling branches or other unforeseen circumstances? Let the pros repair your broken fence, leaning or missing fence sections.

We have the tools, materials and know-how to fix common issues like detached pickets, warped rails and rotted posts. Your fence will look good as new when we’re done!

Fence Replacements

If your old, weary fence has reached the end of its lifespan, a full fence replacement by the experts is your best option. We’ll remove and dispose of your existing fence and install a brand new one in its place. Whether you want wood, vinyl, chain link or another material, we’ll help you select the perfect fence for your home.

Fence Maintenance

Keep your wood and vinyl fencing looking its best with preventative maintenance and repairs. Our technicians can spot minor issues before they become major headaches down the road.

Annual fence cleaning, sealing/staining, post straightening and hardware tightening are just some of the services we provide. Protect your investment with proactive care!

Wood Fence Installation

The classic beauty of wood fencing is hard to match. Fence Billings MT specializes in building custom wood privacy fences, picket fences and post-and-rail fences from cedar, redwood and treated pine.

With options like board-on-board, alternating board, lattice top and more, we can create just the look you want around your home’s perimeter.

Vinyl Fence

For a durable, low-maintenance fencing option, choose vinyl. We install vinyl fences perfectly suited to Billings weather and soil conditions. With styles such as privacy, picket and post-and-rail, vinyl fences are a sleek, modern choice for residential properties. The rich color and consistent appearance enhance curb appeal too!

Residential Aluminum Fence

Modern and elegant, aluminum fences are an increasingly popular option for Billings homeowners. Fence Billings MT installs high-quality residential aluminum fencing from Ameristar, Master Halco and other top brands.

With powdercoated finishes that won’t fade, peel or corrode, aluminum is almost 100% maintenance-free. It’s also very strong yet amazingly lightweight.

Gate Installation and Repair

The gate serves as the access point to your fenced-in backyard. Trust the pros handle the gate installation or repair. We build sturdy, perfectly aligned gates and make sure they function smoothly. From classic wood walk gates to modern aluminum drive gates and automatic openers, we have you covered.

Pool Fencing

Keep your family safe and stay compliant with local pool safety laws install code-approved pool fencing. We construct barriers made of durable aluminum or stainless steel that completely isolate your pool area from the rest of your landscape. Self-closing and self-latching gates provide critical protection against accidental drowning.

Privacy Fencing

Transform your outdoor living space and block unsightly views by installing a privacy fence. By fully enclosing your yard, our skillfully constructed wood or vinyl fences create a peaceful retreat right at home. Let us build you a secluded backyard oasis perfect for relaxation, entertaining and more!

Dog and Pet Fencing

Give your four-legged friends room to play safely in your yard with custom dog fencing. We can modify any of our wood, vinyl or chain link fences with features for pets. Gates, self-closing mechanisms and dig guards prevent escapes and keep your animals secure on your property so you can breathe easy.

Ornamental Fencing

Enhance curb appeal and define property lines with a decorative ornamental fence installed by the experts. Wrought iron, aluminum and steel fencing options are available in a variety of stylish designs, from classic picket to bold contemporary. Ornamental fences make a striking visual impact regardless of your home’s architectural style.

Decorative Fencing

In addition to security and enclosure, your new fence can provide a beautiful enhanceent to your landscape. Fence Billings MT offers custom decorative touches like post caps, latticework, arched accents and PVC insertions on many fences. Enrich the appearance of wood, vinyl, aluminum and other materials with special details in any color. Elevate basic boundaries to a work of art!

Our Commercial Fencing Services in Rehberg Ranch (59117)

Security Fencing

Protect your business facility, equipment and other commercial assets with state-of-the-art security fencing. We’ll conduct a thorough site analysis and design a perimeter access control solution utilizing chain link, ornamental iron or one of our other robust fencing materials. Effective security fencing acts as the first line of defense against intruders and thieves.

Chain-Link Fencing

The go-to fencing choice for commercial applications, chain link provides durability and security balanced with cost-efficiency. Fence Billings MT has installed miles of galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link fencing across Billings. With custom privacy slats, barbed wire, mesh screens and gates included, chain link fences keep businesses and other properties safe from unwanted visitors.

Electric Fence Installation

For facilities such as power stations, warehouses and construction sites requiring stringent access restrictions, our team advises electric fencing. Our commercial electric fence systems are reliable even in harsh conditions. Perimeter sensors trigger non-lethal electric pulses through the attached metal fabric upon contact to deter intruders of any kind forcefully yet safely.

Sound Barrier Fencing

Block disruptive ambient noise from nearby roads, industrial areas or other sources install continuous commercial sound barrier fencing around your property’s perimeter. Utilizing insulated wood, masonry, steel or a combination of materials, noise control fences minimize sonic trespassing effectively so your space stays peaceful and quiet.

Dumpster Enclosures

Keep commercial trash collection centralized, secured and out of public view with custom dumpster enclosures built. Durable wood or vinyl fence panels surrounding your dumpsters or recycling bins create an attractive buffer. Color/finish options and gate features tailored to commercial property aesthetics and functional needs are available.

Sports Field Fencing

Fence Billings MT constructs code-compliant perimeter fences designed specifically for baseball fields, football fields, soccer pitches and other sports venues.

Dugout barriers, backstops, perimeter netting systems and spectator guardrails are built to protect players and fans while enhancing containment. Sports field fencing allows facilities to manage access and maintain safe conditions.

Erosion Control Fencing

Temporary silt or sediment fences installed limit environmental impact on construction sites by reducing soil erosion and stormwater pollution. Acting as protective barriers, our commercial-grade erosion control fencing with dug-in fabric catches and filters muddy runoff during development ensuring debris doesn’t reach nearby water sources.

Windbreak Fencing

Strategically located windbreak fencing shields business locations from powerful gusts and winter winds prevalent in Billings. Solid metal fabric, perforated slats, Plexiglas or living snow fences with fast-growing evergreen vegetation deflect blustery conditions minimizing property damage, pedestrian discomfort and poor air quality.

Trellises and Arbors

Let Fence Billings MT add beautiful garden architecture and inviting pedestrian access points to your commercial landscape with custom trellises, pergolas and arbors. Ideal over walkways, patios and other hardscapes, these striking vertical structures crafted from steel, aluminum, lumber, PVC or other quality materials make an impressive design statement.

Fencing for Tennis Courts

The high-performance perimeter fencing solutions meet official specifications for competitive sport court surfaces. Our experienced crews handle professional tennis court barrier installation as well as courts to enhance fitness centers, schools, parks and even residential properties.

Commercial Aluminum Fence

With outstanding durability, strength, longevity and minimal maintenance requirements, aluminum is our top fencing recommendation for most commercial settings.

Fence Billings MT provides heavy-duty aluminum fences from leading brands specially engineered for robust performance across corporate campuses, retail centers, industrial facilities and institutional grounds.

Our Specialized Fencing Services in Rehberg Ranch (59117)

Barbed Wire Fence

While less common in residential settings, barbed wire fencing has key applications on commercial, industrial and agricultural properties for security demarcation and access control. Our expert properly installs sharp-pronged barbed wire atop chain link, wire mesh and other tall perimeter fencing preventing climbers and intruders.

Custom Fencing

Bring your unique fencing vision to life with one-of-a-kind custom fence design and construction by the innovative team at Fence Billings MT. We build specialty fences of all shapes, sizes, materials and configurations tailored to your exact functional requirements and aesthetic preferences for residential, commercial and municipal properties.

Post and Rail Fencing

Rustic post and rail fences crafted create classic boundaries and pens for residential landscapes as well as horse ranches and family farms. Containing livestock, defining wide-open spaces and evoking nostalgia, our weather/rot-resistant wood crossbuck, split rail and zigzag fence styles stand the test of time.

Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Protecting crops and containing farm animals like cattle, sheep and horses requires robust perimeter fencing capable of handling heavy use and abuse.

Fence Billings MT serves the fencing needs of local farmers and other agricultural operators, installing strong wood, vinyl, welded wire and high-tensile wire fences purpose-built for rigorous conditions.

Deer Fencing

Discourage deer and other wild foragers from feasting on your commercial, agricultural or residential landscape plantings by having our team install a protective deer fence barrier. Whether galvanized wire or welded mesh, our tall deer fencing solutions keep pests out without negatively impacting natural wildlife pathways and ecosystems.

Fencing for Special Events

Fence Billings MT provides temporary event fencing rentals to safely accommodate crowds at concerts, races, festivals and other community happenings. We set up bike rack pedestrial barricades, durable polyethylene crowd control barriers, chain link fences dividing venues spaces plus VIP and beer garden enclosures on a rental basis.

Fence Painting or Staining

Keep wood fences properly sealed and maintained with fence painting/staining from the pros. Over time the sun, rain, snow and other elements takes a real toll. Let us prepare surfaces thoroughly and apply high-quality stains or paints in your preferred tones on fences, gates, arbors and trellises.

Cost of Fencing in Rehberg Ranch (59117)

Billings fencing costs range widely based factors like material, height, decorative elements and terrain/accessibility issues. Wood privacy fences average $25-50 per linear foot including professional installation.

More affordable options are ranch-style rail fences $15-30 per foot and chain link at $8-20 per foot depending on gauge, posts and extras. Wrought iron/aluminum, PVC vinyl and other specialty residential fences run $30-100+ per linear foot installed. Contact us for a free quote tailored your unique project specs! Call +1 (406) 506-4018.

Our Fencing Process

The fencing experts make installing new residential and commercial barriers smooth and stress-free by following this streamlined process:

Step 1: Schedule Consultation – We arrive to evaluate your location and discuss project goals/requirements, pricing, timelines and other specifics. Site factors impacting fence placement like terrain, drainage and underground utilities are assessed. Desired styles, materials, finishes, sizes and placement preferences are noted.

Step 2: Develop Custom Plan – With measurements and other site data collected, our team creates a tailored design plan depicting your new fence layout, specifications, materials and hardware. Digital renderings help visualize the finished look. All options are reviewed to make any final tweaks before moving forward.

Step 3: Permitting – If required based on fence height and municipal codes, Fence Billings MT secures local construction permits on your behalf, avoiding hassle and delays. Site prep and other regulatory conditions are handled seamlessly as well.

Step 4: Precise Installation – With permits secured, our professional crews mobilize to your location for festival, efficient fence building. We dig holes, set posts, mount panels/pickets and install gates with precision, care and excellence worth referring. The new barrier begins enhancing security, privacy and aesthetics immediately.

Step 5: Cleanup & Warranty – We conduct thorough site cleanup, removing all debris, equipment and surplus materials. Provide documentation of our consumer protection warranty covering defects in materials/workmanship for 1-10 years depending on fence type so you can relax. Enjoy your investment with confidence and peace of mind!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of combined fencing experience to expertly assess your property and recommend the best fences.


Every fence we build is completely customized to match your desired style, height, and purpose with precision.

Quality Materials

Only the highest grade metals and woods are used to construct durable, long-lasting fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our trained installers neatly erect each fence with care and oversight to ensure correct build and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

We continue communication throughout the process and after to guarantee a smooth experience and happy customers.


Without sacrificing quality of materials or work, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget.


1. How much does fencing cost?

Fencing costs vary based on type of material, height, decorative elements, purpose and more, but typically range $8-50 per linear foot installed. We provide free quotes for the exact project scope and location. Call us at +1 (406) 506-4018!

2. What is the most popular fencing material?

The top choice for residential fencing is wood (cedar or treated pine) because it’s affordable, attractive, durable, offers privacy and complements most homes. Vinyl and aluminum are also widely used for their longevity and easy maintenance.

3. How long will installation take for my fence?

Our skilled crews complete most standard 100 linear foot residential fence installations in just 2-3 days. Larger commercial projects understandably take longer depending on specifics. We work efficiently to minimize disruption without sacrificing quality and safety.

4. Can you repair my existing fence?

Yes, Fence Billings MT provides complete maintenance and repair services to restore broken, damaged, leaning or otherwise compromise fences. Whether replacing rotten pickets, warped rails, detached gates or full spans, we can fix common issues with fences made of wood, vinyl, chain link and other materials.

5. What is your warranty for fencing projects?

Fence Billings MT provides written 1-10 year warranties covering defects in materials and workmanship on all fencing installations and repairs. Extended warranty protection is available for metal/composite fences. Specific terms and conditions apply based on product type. Please ask for details!

6. Can temporary event fencing be rented?

Absolutely! Fence Billings MT supplies commercial-grade crowd control barriers, bike rack fences and other sturdy temporary event fencing on a rental basis with hassle-free set up and breakdown. Rentals allow venues, municipalities and organizers to effectively manage access and safety.

7. Will my new fence be compliant with city regulations?

Yes. we ensure all fencing projects adhere to Billings municipal codes concerning permitted materials/styles, opacity, height limits, property line setbacks, pool barriers and other relevant guidelines. We can provide official documentation if necessary.

8. What type of gates do you offer for fences?

We install single and double driveway gates, walk gates for yards, self-closing pool gates, automatic electric gates plus code-compliant gates for commercial locations. Gate styles, operation mechanisms, hardware, colors and materials match your new fence perfectly for seamless continuity.

9. How soon can my new fence be started?

We manage a full schedule but we understand fencing needs arise urgently so will make every effort to expedite project timelines when necessary. In most cases new installations or repairs commence within 1 week of estimate approval and 20% down payment receipt. Rush fees may apply.

10. Why choose Fence Billings MT for my project?

With over 10 years proudly serving Billings, unparalleled experience plus A+ Better Business Bureau rating for quality and service, Fence Billings MT is owners’ trusted fencing contractor. Our exceptional craftsmanship, extensive capabilities across residential and commercial sectors, competitive pricing, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the right choice!

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Billings, MT

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Our new fence was expertly installed by a real professional crew. They worked neatly and efficiently to transform our yard within a few days. We could not be happier with how great it looks!
carol Alex

Billings, MT

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
From permitting to project completion, every step was handled proficiently by this fencing company. I really appreciated their attention to detail and customer service focus all along the way.
Mark Allen

Billings, MT

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Replacing our entire fence was a big job but this company made it go smoothly from start to finish. The new fence they installed enhances our property beautifully and adds nice privacy. We are delighted with the results.
Scott Handy

Billings, MT

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