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Decorative Fencing Near Billings, MT

A beautiful decorative fence can completely transform the look and feel of your Billings, Montana property. Whether you want to add privacy, security, or just aesthetic appeal, decorative fencing offers an easy way to enhance your outdoor space.

Our team of fencing experts at Fence Billings MT specialize in installing high-quality, customized decorative fencing for residential and commercial properties across Billings and surrounding areas.

Unlike basic chain link or wood privacy fences, decorative fencings allow you to make a unique design statement with your landscape.

Wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, composite wood – we offer a wide range of decorative fence materials and styles to match your home’s architecture and surroundings.

From simple black aluminum picket fences to intricate wrought iron gates and arbors, the possibilities are endless. Our Amish craftsmen can even build custom wood fences in natural, stained, or painted colors.

With over 15 years of experience, our decorators know all the ins and outs of designing, permitting, and installing decorative fences in Billings.

We handle the entire process for you, from helping you select the right fencing materials and layout to getting the required permits from the city.

Our team takes great pride in their work and treats every project like it’s their own home. All our fences are made to last with quality construction and detailed handiwork.

Whether your goal is boosting curb appeal for resale, defining property lines, adding screening for privacy, securing a pool, or just improving the aesthetics of your landscape, decorative fencing is a smart investment.

A well-designed decorative fence brings years of enjoyment and can even increase your home’s value. Contact the experts at Fence Billings MT today to get started designing your perfect decorative fence!

Process We Follow for Decorative Fencing

Initial Consultation

The first step in our decorative fencing process is to schedule a free at-home consultation at your property in Billings. One of our professional project managers will come out and inspect your landscape to understand your vision for a new fence. We’ll discuss the benefits of different decorative fencing materials and walk through style options like spacing, height, and colors.

Our team will provide recommendations based on factors like budget, property size, terrain, HOA requirements, and permitting needs. During this collaborative session, we’ll develop a computer-generated 3D design concept you can visualize.

Material Selection

With the initial design in hand, we’ll move on to narrowing down your material choices for the new decorative fencing. Popular options include wrought iron, aluminum, PVC vinyl, composite wood, and natural cedar. Each material has its own pros and cons in terms of pricing, durability, and ongoing maintenance needs.

Our designers will walk you through the differences so you can select the ideal materials for your family. They’ll also gather any product samples you request to see colors and textures up close.


An important part of installing decorative fencing in Billings is acquiring the proper permits from the city. Our team will handle this permitting paperwork on your behalf, providing all required documents and drawings to the permitting office. We’ll also coordinate any inspections during the project to ensure everything meets code. Having permits in place protects you from potential issues down the road.

Installation Process

Once materials are selected and permits secured, we’re ready to start installation. Our professional installation crew will arrive on the scheduled day with all the necessary fencing materials and equipment in our specialized trucks. We take great care to protect your property, using floor protection and drop cloths to prevent any damage.

Our foreman will walk the property with you, marking fence lines and identifying any underground utilities prior to digging. With everything mapped out, we get to work installing the decorative posts and fencing. For multi-day projects, we’ll tidy up and secure the site each evening before leaving.

Gates and Accessories

Gates often complement decorative fencing to control access or just add visual interest. We’ll fabricate and install any custom gates as part of your project, integrating seamlessly with your fence lines. Decorative gate features like arched tops and ornamental metalwork are options.

We can also build a pergola or arbor over the gate. Other accessories – like solar lights along the fencing – can add that finishing touch. Let us know if you’re interested in any fence add-ons!

Finishing Touches

As we wrap up the major installation work, we’ll do a thorough clean-up to leave your property spotless. Our crew will check that all fence posts are plumb and sections align properly. We’ll make any final adjustments or touch ups that are needed before considering the project complete.

Throughout the process we aim for excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail – right down to the finishing touches. Just let us know if any part of the fence doesn’t meet your expectations before we leave.

When you choose Fence Billings MT for your decorative fencing project, you get a beautiful new outdoor enhancement designed and built to last. We strive to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. For a free consultation at your home in Billings, give us a call today!

Cost of Decorative Fencing in Billings, MT

When planning a new decorative fence for your Billings property, cost is often a concern. Pricing for decorative fencing depends on several factors:

  • Fence Material – Wrought iron is the most expensive, while vinyl and aluminum are lower cost options. Composite and natural wood fall somewhere in between.
  • Fence Height and Length – More material is needed for taller and longer fence runs, increasing overall project pricing.
  • Accessibility – Difficult terrain or the need to remove existing fences/trees can add costs.
  • Gates/Add-Ons – Decorative gates, arbors, pergolas and lighting fixtures will increase the budget.
  • Permits – Some city permit fees may apply if required for your project.

To give you an idea, the typical price per linear foot for a 4-6 foot tall decorative fence in Billings ranges from:

  • Wrought Iron: $45 – $200+
  • Aluminum: $20 – $50
  • Vinyl: $15 – $40
  • Composite Wood: $25 – $100
  • Cedar Wood: $25 – $150

Keep in mind that unique custom designs and ornate detailing will fall on the higher end of these ranges. The total project cost also depends on the length needed.

While decorative fencing requires a larger upfront investment versus basic chain link, the long-term benefits are worth it. A quality decorative fence adds curb appeal, functionality, and years of enjoyment for your family.

Our Billings decorative fencing experts will provide a free quote tailored to your specific project parameters. Contact us today to learn more about pricing!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of combined fencing experience to expertly assess your property and recommend the best fences.


Every fence we build is completely customized to match your desired style, height, and purpose with precision.

Quality Materials

Only the highest grade metals and woods are used to construct durable, long-lasting fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our trained installers neatly erect each fence with care and oversight to ensure correct build and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

We continue communication throughout the process and after to guarantee a smooth experience and happy customers.


Without sacrificing quality of materials or work, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Billings, MT

FAQs About Decorative Fencing in Billings, Montana

What are the most popular styles of decorative fencing in Billings?

Some of the top decorative fence styles we install include black aluminum picket, classic white vinyl, cedar wood with a natural stain, composite wood privacy, and wrought iron. The possibilities are endless though!

How long does it take to install a new decorative fence?

Most residential decorative fencing projects take 1-3 days depending on the length. We’ll provide a completion timeframe estimate after assessing your specific property.

Will I need a permit for a new decorative fence in Billings?

Certain fence heights, materials, and locations require a city permit. As part of our process, we’ll determine if your new fence needs permitting and take care of submitting paperwork.

How much space should I allow between the fence and my property line?

We recommend leaving at least 1 foot between your decorative fence and property line. This provides room for maintenance and avoids any disputes with neighbors.

What type of gates can be added to decorative fencing?

We offer single gates for pathways, double driveway gates, arched gates, and even ornate iron gates with decorative metalwork. Gates can be customized to match your fence style.

How do I clean and maintain a decorative fence?

Most materials just need occasional washing with soap and water. Composite and natural wood may require sealing/staining every few years. Wrought iron can develop rust over time. We’ll provide material-specific care tips.

Will digging hurt my underground sprinkler or utility lines?

No need to worry – before any digging, we’ll mark out all your underground pipes and wires using utility locating services. This prevents any accidental damage.

Can you match my existing decorative fencing if I’m just adding a section?

Absolutely! We can closely match materials, colors, spacing, and height of your existing decorative fence. Just provide a photo so we get it right.

Is decorative fencing safe for pets and kids?

Our fences don’t have any sharp edges or points that could harm kids or pets. For pool areas, we can add self-closing gates and meet any safety code requirements.

Will a permit be required if my fence exceeds the height limit?

Certain neighborhoods have CC&Rs with height restrictions. If your preferred decorative fence exceeds the limit, we’ll work to acquire a permit but may need approval from HOA or neighbors.

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Replacing our entire fence was a big job but this company made it go smoothly from start to finish. The new fence they installed enhances our property beautifully and adds nice privacy. We are delighted with the results.
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