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Fence Replacement Near Billings, MT

Living in Billings, Montana means embracing the wide open spaces and beautiful mountain views that make this region so special.

A strong, durable fence helps enhance those views while also providing privacy, security, and value for your property. But over time, all fences require repairs or full replacements.

Our fencing experts have been improving Billings properties with fence installations and replacements for over 10 years.

We understand that replacing your existing fence is a significant investment. Our fence replacement process prioritizes your goals, budget, and timeline so you get the perfect custom fence solution.

Unlike flimsy big box store fences prone to weather damage and decay, we only source commercial grade materials designed to withstand the elements.

And with our exclusive multi-year labor warranty, you can enjoy complete peace of mind with your new tailored fence.

Discover why hundreds of Billings homeowners recommend our fence replacement services for enhanced curb appeal, safety, and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Process We Follow for Fence Replacement

Initial Consultation

The process starts when you contact us online or by phone for a fence replacement quote. We schedule a no obligation site visit and consultation at your convenience. One of our fence experts will walk your property and discuss your vision for a new fence.

We assess the current fence, measure the boundaries, note any installation challenges, and provide preliminary pricing. This allows us to give accurate quotes, set proper expectations, and answer all of your initial questions. Our consultations typically take less than an hour. We only proceed with your approval.

Design Phase

After the initial consult, we work closely with you to select the optimal fence replacement design. This factors in aesthetics, functionality, terrain, boundaries, and other unique considerations. We help guide you through the available material and style options that work best for your property’s conditions and visual goals. Some of the key decisions include:

  • Fence height and length based on the perimeter.
  • Material such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, or other.
  • Fence style like privacy, picket, rail, or specific decorative themes.
  • Color/stain choices to complement your home.
  • Custom decorative elements if desired like lattice or post caps.
  • Gates placement, size, and operation.

We can provide virtual previews of fence designs so you know exactly what to expect. This collaborative process results in a customized fence replacement plan tailored to your property, functional needs, and budget.


Once we finalize the fence replacement design, our team handles the permitting process required by the city of Billings and Yellowstone County. We submit the boundary maps, materials list, style details, and other specifications to the permit office on your behalf.

If any aspects do not meet code requirements, we adjust the design plans as needed for approval. Our experts are familiar with Billings fence ordinances to ensure compliance and smooth permitting.

Material Sourcing

With the permit approved, we order all the necessary fencing materials specifically for your project. This includes the fence panels, posts, gates, hardware, and any accessories.

We only source from top brands known for quality construction and durability. Since we order in bulk volume for all our fence jobs, we pass significant savings down to our customers. You benefit from contractor-exclusive discounts from leading manufacturers.

Demolition & Prep Work

Once the materials arrive, our pro installers schedule your fence replacement project based on weather, crew availability, and your timeline preferences.

We start by dismantling your old fencing using proper safety procedures. We can dispose of all the old fencing debris or leave it onsite based on your needs. Our crew takes care with the demolition/removal process to avoid any property damage.

We then prep the perimeter for new fence installation. This includes clearing any vegetation or obstructions along the boundary and smoothing the terrain.

For fences around gardens or landscaping, we take extra care to protect plants, trees, and other features in the fence line during removal and prep work. Proper site preparation helps ensure your new fence replacement has the ideal foundation.

Fence Installation

With the prep work complete, our skilled fencing contractors move on to precise installation of your new fence according to the agreed upon design. We dig deep post holes, set the posts in concrete, and allow the concrete foundations to fully cure.

With the posts solidly in place, we install the fence panels, gates, and all hardware to specification. For multi-day installations, we temporarily brace the fence posts so the partially installed fence remains secure when the crew is not onsite.

Throughout the installation, we frequently double check measurements and boundaries to verify the fence alignment. We employ strict quality control measures so every fence segment meets your expectations. Our experienced crews have installed hundreds of Billings fences over the past decade. You benefit from our refined process to efficiently complete high quality work.

Inspection & Approval

Once the fence replacement project is installed, we schedule an inspection walkthrough with you. This allows you to see the new fence in place and point out any final adjustments needed. We make any tweaks or touch ups before the final approval. Only after you are 100% satisfied do we wrap up paperwork and payments.

Throughout the entire process, communication remains a priority so you understand what to expect. Our Billings fence replacements consistently exceed customer expectations thanks to our tailored designs, quality materials, expert installers, and focus on timely service.

We offer all customers references from past clients in your neighborhood. Our exceptional fences and professional service lead to a stunning transformation of your property.

Cost of Fence Replacement in Billings, MT

The cost of your specific fence replacement depends on a number of variables including:

  • Fencing material choice – Materials like red cedar wood or aluminum cost more than vinyl or chain link. High quality PVC vinyl and composite materials provide excellent durability per dollar.
  • Fence style – Simple styles like privacy and picket fences tend to cost less than custom decorative designs.
  • Fence height/length – More linear footage and taller fence height (over 6 feet) increases overall costs.
  • Terrain difficulty – Tight spaces, slopes, or obstacles raise labor time for installation.
  • Accessibility – Ease of access for our equipment and crews impacts job costs.
  • Removal/disposal – We can provide full tear down and disposal of your old fence for an additional fee based on scope.

To give you a general idea, here are the typical price ranges for common Billings fence replacement projects:

  • Wood privacy fence – $25 – $45 per linear foot installed.
  • Vinyl privacy fence – $30 – $55 per linear foot installed.
  • Aluminum fence – $35 – $75 per linear foot installed.
  • Chain link fence – $15 – $30 per linear foot installed.

Keep in mind these are broad estimates only. We provide refined quotes after assessing your specific project requirements. Our volume discounts on materials and competitive labor pricing make our Billings fence replacements an excellent value. We offer flexible financing options as well to make your new fence affordable.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of combined fencing experience to expertly assess your property and recommend the best fences.


Every fence we build is completely customized to match your desired style, height, and purpose with precision.

Quality Materials

Only the highest grade metals and woods are used to construct durable, long-lasting fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our trained installers neatly erect each fence with care and oversight to ensure correct build and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

We continue communication throughout the process and after to guarantee a smooth experience and happy customers.


Without sacrificing quality of materials or work, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Billings, MT

FAQs About Fence Replacement in Billings, Montana

How do I know if I need a full fence replacement versus repairs?

It’s a good idea to consider full fence replacement when your existing fence shows extensive decay, rotting, cracking, or separation. Severe leaning, missing sections, and compromised structural integrity also indicate replacement need. If your fence is over 10-15 years old, replacement often makes better economic sense than continued repairs.

Should I replace my fence with the same material or try something new?

It’s up to you! Many homeowners opt for new materials like vinyl or composite fencing to reduce maintenance. But keeping your existing material can help maintain visual continuity. Our experts are happy to discuss the pros and cons of different fencing materials to help you decide what best fits your needs and preferences.

How long does a typical fence replacement take to complete?

Most residential fence replacement projects take 2-4 days from start to finish. The demolition and prep work is usually a 1 day task, 1-2 days for precise installation, and 1 day is allocated for final touches after inspection. Bad weather or complex projects can lengthen the timeline. We keep you updated on schedule progress throughout.

Will I need a permit for my fence replacement?

In most cases, yes. The city of Billings and Yellowstone County require permits for fencing projects over 6 feet high or for boundary/retaining wall applications. We take care of submitting your fence plans for required permits so they are already secured when installation begins. Any permit fees are included in your quoted price.

How disruptive is the replacement process?

Our crews take considerable care to minimize landscape disruption and contain debris. The only excavation needed is digging post holes along the fence line. We schedule work to avoid loud activity early/late in the day. Some construction noise during business hours is unavoidable but we keep it controlled. Let us know of any sensitive issues.

What should I do to prep my yard before a replacement?

Removing any vegetation or obstructions along the fence line is helpful but not essential in most cases. Just maintaining 2-3 feet of clearance from the boundary makes installation smoother. If you have special land

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Our new fence was expertly installed by a real professional crew. They worked neatly and efficiently to transform our yard within a few days. We could not be happier with how great it looks!
carol Alex

Billings, MT

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From permitting to project completion, every step was handled proficiently by this fencing company. I really appreciated their attention to detail and customer service focus all along the way.
Mark Allen

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5 star rating
Replacing our entire fence was a big job but this company made it go smoothly from start to finish. The new fence they installed enhances our property beautifully and adds nice privacy. We are delighted with the results.
Scott Handy

Billings, MT

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