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Fence Installation Near Billings, MT

Are you looking to install a new fence in Billings, Montana or replace an existing one? Installing a professionally built fence can greatly enhance the value and security of your residential or commercial property.

With over 10 years of experience, our fencing experts at Fence Billings MT provide top-notch fence installation services to help Billings homeowners and business owners protect their properties in style.

Unlike DIY fence installation which often leads to mistakes and shoddy results, our team uses industry-leading techniques and high-quality materials to build durable, long-lasting fences customized to your unique specifications.

We offer installation services for all popular fencing types including wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and more. Our installers are highly trained to follow proper building codes and safety standards at every step for maximum protection.

With Fence Billings MT, your new fence installation project is in the most capable hands. We provide end-to-end services from planning and design to permitting and final installation.

Our experts carefully assess your property to recommend the ideal fence type, height, and layout to match your needs and local regulations. During installation, we take extra care to minimize landscape disruption and leave your property neat and clean afterwards.

All our installation projects come with a workmanship warranty so you can have total peace of mind. Contact Fence Billings MT today to schedule a free consultation with our fencing specialists!

Process We Follow for Fence Installation

Initial Consultation

The first step of our fence installation process is an initial consultation. One of our expert fencing consultants will visit your Billings property to inspect and measure the area. We’ll discuss your desired fence type, height, style, placement and usage. Based on the terrain and layout of your landscape, we’ll recommend the most suitable fencing solution.

We’ll also inform you about local permit requirements and estimated project timeframe. This on-site consultation helps us gather all the necessary information to create a customized fence installation plan for your property.

Design and Planning

With measurements and details from the consultation, our team will create a detailed design and installation plan. This includes a rendering of your new fence layout showing exact positioning and footages. We’ll choose the most optimal fence materials and posts to match your preferred style while complying with Billings building codes.

If required, we’ll also handle the permit application process on your behalf. At this stage, we’ll provide you with a written proposal of all project specifications and costs for your approval before proceeding.

Material Procurement

Once the fence design is finalized and permits are secured, we’ll order all the required installation materials. This includes the fencing panels or rolls, posts, gates, hardware and accessories needed to complete your new fence.

We only source high-quality sustainable wood, vinyl, metal or other fencing materials from trusted vendors to ensure durability. All materials are carefully inspected for defects before brought to your property in Billings.

Site Preparation

Our team will prepare your site for the new fence installation by clearing vegetation, removing old fencing if necessary, and marking layout lines. We take care to protect existing structures, utilities and landscaping during this process.

Proper site preparation helps us safely excavate post holes, set posts to correct depths and align fence lines according to the agreed plan. If underground wires, pipes or obstructions are found, we’ll adjust the fence layout as needed to avoid damage.

Fence Post Installation

We dig precise post holes using an auger for wood or steel posts set in concrete. For vinyl posts, we excavate wider holes and use gravel for drainage. Post spacing is calculated based on fence height and wind load capacity.

Our experts properly space and align all fence posts, ensuring they are plumb and level. We allow time for the concrete footings to cure before moving on. Proper fence post installation is key to building a structurally sound, straight and long-lasting fence.

Fence Panel Installation

With the posts securely in place, we’re ready to install the fencing panels or rolls. For a wood privacy fence, we attach each section between posts with durable galvanized nails and screws. For chain link or wire mesh fencing, we tightly stretch the rolls across posts and secure with ties.

Vinyl, aluminum and other pre-built panel systems simply get bolted or dropped into slots on the posts. Gates are installed and aligned to open and close smoothly. Finally, we complete the fence with decorative caps, trims and other final touches.

Cleanup and Finishing

As a final step, we’ll conduct a thorough cleanup of your Billings property. We remove all construction debris, tools and supplies related to the fence installation.

You are left with a beautiful new fence ready to enjoy without any mess or headaches! We can also provide tips on sealing or staining your wood fence to protect against weathering. Let us know if you need any assistance with fence maintenance.

Our professional installation process delivers attractive, functional fences built to endure for years. Every project is handled efficiently and safely by our experienced Billings crew. Contact Fence Billings MT today for your new fence installation!

Cost of Fence Installation in Billings, MT

The cost of installing a new fence in Billings, Montana depends on several key factors:

  • Fence material – Wood, vinyl, chain link etc. each have different price points
  • Fence height and length – More feet of fencing means higher overall costs
  • Terrain and accessibility – Difficult landscapes drive up labor time/costs
  • Permit fees – Most fence projects require a city permit with a processing fee

Here are some average installed costs for common Billings fence projects:

  • Wood privacy fence, 6 feet tall – $15 – $30 per linear foot
  • Chain link fence, 4 feet tall – $10 – $15 per linear foot
  • Vinyl privacy fence, 6 feet tall – $30 – $50 per linear foot
  • Aluminum ornamental fence, 4 feet tall – $25 – $40 per linear foot

Keep in mind unique factors like slope, tree removal and gate additions can impact your final fence installation costs. Our Billings fencing experts provide free quotes tailored to your specific project requirements. Contact us today to learn more about fence installation costs!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of combined fencing experience to expertly assess your property and recommend the best fences.


Every fence we build is completely customized to match your desired style, height, and purpose with precision.

Quality Materials

Only the highest grade metals and woods are used to construct durable, long-lasting fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our trained installers neatly erect each fence with care and oversight to ensure correct build and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

We continue communication throughout the process and after to guarantee a smooth experience and happy customers.


Without sacrificing quality of materials or work, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Billings, MT

FAQs About Fence Installation in Billings, Montana

What’s the first step of your fence installation process?

Our expert consultants will visit your Billings property for an initial consultation to assess your landscape and discuss design options.

What types of fences do you install?

We offer installation of wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, PVC and other popular residential and commercial fence types.

How long does a typical fence installation take?

Most projects take 1-3 days depending on the fencing length and complexity. We’ll provide a timeline estimate during your consultation.

Do you obtain permits for fence installation?

Yes, we handle the permitting process with the City of Billings on your behalf and ensure compliance.

What do you do with the old fence during replacement projects?

We can remove and dispose of your existing fence in an eco-friendly manner before the new installation.

Do my neighbors need to approve my new fence?

We’ll advise you on any HOA rules or neighbor considerations, but their direct approval is usually not required.

How deep are your fence posts set?

We dig post holes 24-36 inches deep and set posts in concrete for maximum strength and stability.

Do you clean up the work area after the installation is complete?

Absolutely, we remove all debris, tools and supplies and leave your property neat and clean.

What is your warranty on new fence installations?

We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on all our installation projects in Billings, MT.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, major credit cards, and financing through our partner lending companies.

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Our new fence was expertly installed by a real professional crew. They worked neatly and efficiently to transform our yard within a few days. We could not be happier with how great it looks!
carol Alex

Billings, MT

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From permitting to project completion, every step was handled proficiently by this fencing company. I really appreciated their attention to detail and customer service focus all along the way.
Mark Allen

Billings, MT

5 star rating
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5 star rating
Replacing our entire fence was a big job but this company made it go smoothly from start to finish. The new fence they installed enhances our property beautifully and adds nice privacy. We are delighted with the results.
Scott Handy

Billings, MT

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