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Special Events Fencing Services Near Billings, MT

Planning a special event brings a lot of moving parts, from securing permits and vendors to managing guests and parking.

An often overlooked yet critical detail is event perimeter control and security to keep your attendees safe while creating defined gathering areas.

Our team at Fence Billings MT specializes in providing top-quality, ADA compliant temporary fencing rentals for all types of special events in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas.

With over 15 years of experience installing temporary fencing for events of all sizes, our experts know exactly how to work within your budget to design crowd control barriers and enclosures uniquely tailored to your event layout and security needs.

We handle the entire fencing process from start to finish, beginning with a site inspection and risk assessment with you to identify potential hazards and determine the ideal fencing setup.

Some key benefits of working with Fence Billings MT for your special event fencing needs include:

  • Customizable barrier fencing solutions for entry/exit points, VIP areas, ticket lines, parking controls, stage/performance enclosures, and more
  • Ability to create secure perimeters for indoor and outdoor festival-style events accommodating large crowds with multiple activities
  • Equipment rental, delivery, professional installation and removal means zero hassle before, during or after your event
  • Ensure attendee safety while protecting sensitive areas and assets on event grounds
  • Visually appealing designs including logo panels and banner displays to complement your event décor

Keep reading to learn more about our specialized special event fencing process, options and offerings so that your next event goes off smoothly.

Process We Follow for Special Events Fencing

Over a decade of experience has taught our team at Fence Billings MT the best practices for seamlessly incorporating security fencing into special events of all types and sizes.

We take immense pride in our exemplary track record working alongside event planners to custom design, install and manage temporary barrier enclosures. Our refined special event fencing process includes:

Initial Risk Assessment and Consultation

The first step we take when partnering on temporary fencing for a special event is conducting a thorough initial assessment of the venue site and gathering details on your specific event vision from client meetings and communications.

This information allows us to pinpoint potential risk areas and vulnerabilities so that we can create tailored solutions. We will consult with you to understand key objectives such as:

  • Overall event format, attendance projections and types of activities
  • Locations that need access control such as VIP/backstage zones, box office lines, etc.
  • Sensitive spots like bodies of water, busy roads or dangerous equipment needing protective barriers
  • Crowd flow plans and locations best suited for staging guided entry/exit fencing
  • City/county permit requirements for venue site layouts and emergency access
  • Budget parameters and priority safety areas for spending allocation

With a firm handle on the scope and layout of your special event, our team moves into designing the ideal temporary perimeter fencing plan to address these needs.

CAD Design and Planning

Next, Fence Billings MT develops a detailed Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) illustration showcasing the strategic event perimeter fencing setup recommended based on our risk evaluation and discussions. This specialized design process factors in:

  • Traffic flow patterns and ideal placement of queue lines
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements
  • Optimizing the balance between approachability, security and crowd control
  • Zoning for different event functions like VIP zones, sponsor displays, etc.
  • Incorporating suitable access gates based on usage frequency and purpose
  • Emergency access lanes aligned with local fire codes
  • Visually appealing fence alignments to complement event theme and décor

We produce an aerial site map for you clearly labeling fence types, access gates, exit routes and other details so you can visualize how the system comes together. At this stage, we also confirm calendar availability for your chosen event dates.

Fence Rental and Transport

With the perimeter fencing blueprints finalized and event date secured, we shift into fence rental preparation and transport. Our expansive inventory allows us to access the right style of temporary fence panels, posts, gates and fittings to build your custom enclosure. Common options include:

Crowd Control Barriers: Interlocking steel or plastic portable fence systems with feet to hold position for guiding attendees

Protective Guardrails: Heavy-duty barrier rails secured by weighted feet, ideal for lining potentially hazardous zones

Bike Rack Fencing: Wave-shaped pedestrian controls that enable flexible site layouts

Stanchions and Retractable Belt Conveyors: Sophisticated queue line systems for organizing ticket/box office lines

In addition to the barrier enclosures themselves, we also handle required supplies like lighting, directional signage, concrete blocks, sand bags, cable ties and more. Our experienced team carefully loads everything onto our commercial vehicles for protected transport to your venue site.

Professional Installation

Our on-site crew provides a complete temporary perimeter fencing installation the week leading up to your special event. This hands-on process involves:

  • Staking out fence placement per the pre-approved CAD site plans
  • Unloading and assembling barrier fence frames based on type
  • Securing panel frames in the ground using weighted feet or subsurface posts
  • Installing access gates and supplementary equipment like lighting fixtures
  • Conducting safety checks ensuring stability and alignment to standards
  • Adding visual elements such as sponsor graphics, logos or themed décor per request
  • Briefing event staff so they understand the setup for monitoring and upkeep

We also remain actively on-call throughout event proceedings in case any fence adjustments or maintenance is required on the fly.

Breakdown and Retrieval

As your special event comes to an end, Fence Billings MT executes seamless perimeter fence removal. We methodically dismantle barrier assemblies, retrieve buried footings and posts, and load the truck – leaving the venue exactly as found. In addition to responsibly cleaning up, we can also compile photographic evidence showing how the provided safety fencing and walkways facilitated effective crowd movement and protection.

By handling temporary perimeter fencing end-to-end, our veteran crews empower you to focus energy on delivering an amazing event rather than worrying about security barriers slowing you down. We sincerely enjoy collaborating with Billings-area event teams to create safe and memorable experiences everyone can enjoy.

Cost of Special Events Fencing in Billings, MT

The exact pricing for your custom temporary fencing enclosure takes multiple factors into account, beginning with the:

Rental Equipment: Specific linear footage and types of crowd control barriers, gates, fittings and supplementary gear needed to properly outfit the site layout

Labor Efforts: Number of crew members deployed, total man hours for installation/removal and any unique venue access considerations

Timeline: Rental period duration from delivery to site break-down and pick-up after the event finishes

With these inputs we provide a fixed turnkey quote encompassing everything required so there are no unwelcome mid-project surprises or delays for urgent approvals.

Depending on the event size, we can divide the fencing scope into priority zones if needed to align with budget resources available. Additional charges may apply for short notice changes or equipment damage.

While exact numbers are tailored to each unique special event, on average our clients spend around $8,500 to $12,500+ on professionally managed temporary perimeter fencing. Rest assured through transparency and open communication from the start, we devise creative solutions matching exceptional protection to your budget.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of combined fencing experience to expertly assess your property and recommend the best fences.


Every fence we build is completely customized to match your desired style, height, and purpose with precision.

Quality Materials

Only the highest grade metals and woods are used to construct durable, long-lasting fences that stand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our trained installers neatly erect each fence with care and oversight to ensure correct build and safety.

Customer Satisfaction

We continue communication throughout the process and after to guarantee a smooth experience and happy customers.


Without sacrificing quality of materials or work, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your budget.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Billings, MT

FAQs About Special Events Fencing in Billings, Montana

How early should specialty fencing be installed before my event?

We recommend having safety enclosures completely setup at least 72 hours prior to event kickoff. This enables sufficient time for any adjustments, allows staff to understand traffic flows, and gives peace of mind heading into crunch time.

Do you offer decorating services like sponsor banners or theme décor on the fences?

Absolutely, we can outfit crowd control barriers with custom graphics, logos, flags or colors to match unique event aesthetics. Simply provide the artwork assets and placement preferences during our planning.

What temporary ground protection do you install beneath fencing?

Where needed, we bring load distribution mats made of composite polymer or marine-grade plywood to shield venue surfaces from fence feet without inhibiting pedestrian stability.

Can we keep portions of the fence up permanently after the event finishes?

If certain access controls aligned well and you want to extend their presence, we can investigate converting temporary installations into more permanent post-driven perimeter divisions to stay behind.

How do you ensure rented equipment safety across thousands of short-term uses?

Our full-time technicians thoroughly inspect and test every fence component after each return while also proactively replacing hardware that shows significant wear annually.

Do you offer crowd control stanchion posts and belt rails for queue lines?

Absolutely, our intricate queuing systems including lux stanchions, tensioned belts and retractable posts offer complete queue line customization for box office management.

How do you determine appropriate exit widths and gates to meet fire codes?

We work hand-in-hand with local authorities to model out venue capacities and emergency simulations to pinpoint ideal fence openings supporting safe evacuation pace.

What if we need to make layout changes once the fence is already installed?

Not a problem! Our crews are always prepared to modify alignments, open up new access points or tweak the site plan even after initial construction. We build deliberate flexibility into the rental contracts and materials to accommodate changes.

How do you ensure consistent quality across such large barrier enclosures?

Between CAD planning and construction best practices refined across 1,500+ short-term fence installs, we leverage techniques like laser alignment, anchor gauges and integrated footings to maintain protection consistency across the entire perimeter.

What type of fencing works best for outdoor events with uneven terrain?

For field or grassy venues with dips or hills, we recommend using interlocking paneled crowd control barriers secured by subsurface ballasted feet. This combination withstands moderate gaps between posts across uneven landscapes.

What is the maximum wind speed your event fences can safely withstand?

Our barrier solutions are engineered tested to tolerate wind speeds upwards of 35 mph when properly anchored according to our recommended specifications. If gusts near 50 mph, we may advise additional re-enforcing.

Do prices go down for multi-day events or large enrollments?

Absolutely. The longer the rental period or greater the linear footage needed, the more our pricing scales providing discounts versus short one-day projects. This rewards valuable partners who trust us across recurring events year after year.

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